Through our Carer retreats and our one and two day workshops, Caring for Carers Austalia (CCA) has provided hundreds of Carers the opportunity to have a well-deserved break and connect with other Carers. 

Carer Mid-Week and Weekend Escapes


Our weekend and mid-week getaways are sure to exceed your highest expectations. CCA will design your getaway down to the last detail ensuring your client’s time spent with us creates a wonderful memory they will always treasure. Our escapes promise to leave each Carer relaxed, cared for and wanting more! 

 "Apart from meeting my husband and having my children, this weekend was the best thing I have ever done.” Jo 

Information Sharing Workshops


CCA has designed various Carer Information Sharing Workshops designed to empower and inspire all Carers in their caring role. Workshops can be adapted to any specific target group and promise to create a sense of well-being and empowerment in all Carers. Workshops can be delivered either during the week or weekend. See below for a shortlist of our individual workshops, please download our brochure for more information or contact CCA so we are able to develop a workshop that meets the  individual needs of Carers. 

· That Overwhelming Feeling – what’s next? 

· Caring for Me – no more excuses.

· The Art of Gratefulness – what aren’t you seeing? 

· Effective Decision Making - in the tough times. 

· NDIS – let’s make it simple.  

“It is really helpful to feel encouraged and honoured when sometimes you wonder if anybody cares for the carers. Being so exhausted physically and mentally, you need encouragement and acknowledgement for your efforts.” Ron  

Caring for You
CCA has many resources to help Carers maintain resilience and to connect with others.   

Your Emotional Budget  

Your  emotional budget is just as important, if not more important than your  financial budget.  Your emotional budget keeps track of the deposits and  withdrawals you make every day. To ensure your mental health and  well-being stays at an optimum level your budget must balance. As Carers, often the budget is in overdraft and remains there until our body tells us that we need to make a deposit or two!  Treat yourself and email us for a complimentary copy.

Join our CCA Carer Support FaceBook Group
Caring for your loved one can often be socially isolating and lonely. CCA has a  Carer support group where you can share your experiences with others.  This is a great way to connect with others in similar situations.

Open your Facebook account, Search for 'CCA Carer Support Group', Click on 'Join Group'. CCA will be sent a request and once verified we will add you to the group. Don't forget to introduce yourself when you have been accepted.

“Again, CCA presented carers with an inspiring and informative session. Connecting the dots, making carers feel validated, heard, supported and armed with knowledge to keep pushing forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Alison and Susannah.” Rebecca  

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Customised workshops and retreats that honour and acknowledge unpaid Carers.